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Dec 3, 2012 2:00am PST
. >> with heavy hearts they took the field one day after belcher killed his girlfriend before taking his own life outside the stadium. >> it is tough. we miss him. he was a great guy, a great teammate. we loved his family. like i said, my heart goes out to them. our prayers are with them. >> as part of the pre game ceremonies, the chiefs observed a moment of silence for the victims of domestic abuse. after the first touchdown he ran over to head coach to give him a hug. police say early saturday morning belcher shot his killed his 22-year-old girlfriend cassandra perkins, the mother of his three-month-old daughter at their home. he then got in his car, drove to the team's practice facility outside arrow head stadium where authorities say he thanked coaches for believing in him. moments later he walked away shooting himself in the head. this as the coaches and general manager looked on in horror. they want to know what caused thoim snap. they were arguing after she returned home late from a concert. >> there was an individual that did something that he snapped. that i don't understand. i probably
Dec 2, 2012 2:00am PST
kansas city chief linebackeroff von belcher to kill his girlfriend and mother of their three-month-old daughter. then belcher drove to arrowhead stadium where the gm and coach and other team personnel were in the parking lot. after thanking them for all he had done, the 25-year-old pulled the gun on himself. >> the coach said when he pulled up they were never in danger. he never threatened them. they talked for a little bit and that's when he shot himself. >> bill cher's coach at the university of maine says belcher was a positive influence. >> hard pressed to find or recall a young man who had more of an impact in a positive way on his teammates and his football family in my time here. >> in bill cher's home town in new york, family and friends were shaken and tried to console one another. >> family man, a loving person. >> he was like somebody to look up to around here. >> the chiefs released this statement declaring the entire chiefs family is deeply saddened by today's events and our collective hearts are heavy with sympathy, thoughts and prayers for the families affected
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2